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What to know when Buying an Hermès Bag


Hermès bags are unequivocally the most special and iconic bags that have ever been created, thanks to the brand’s deep commitment to craftsmanship. Each bag is made by one unique craftsman, who is trained for at least two years, and all leathers are carefully selected to ensure that only the most qualitative pieces are used.

An Hermès bag is an investment, with prices having increased five-fold over the last three decades. However, before buying an Hermès bag, make sure you know some key features and terms that will help you properly analyze your potential purchase.

The Parts of a Kelly

Knowing the correct terminology for your bag will help you communicate better with specialists and lead to better more informative decisions on your purchase.


Date Stamps

The Hermès Date Stamp was introduced in 1971 as a way for the workshops to identify the year in which the bag was manufactured. They are alternatively known as Blind Stamps or H Stamps. The stamp is embossed with a hot iron and is placed on either side of the strap, inside of the bag or under the tab depending on the model.


For vintage bags manufactured prior to 1971, you can tell an approximate decade by the brand stamp embossed on the interior of the bag. Prior to 1950 the bags were embossed with the address, “24 Faubourg Saint Honoré”. From 1950 – 1970 they were embossed Hermès-Paris (all on one line) and poste 1967 they were embossed “Hermès-Paris” on two lines .


Why the Date Stamps are Important

Hermès Date Stamps are important for buyers because they are used in authenticating bags and are also very helpful when identifying types of leathers used, as Hermès used certain types of leathers at precise periods in time.


The Hermès Constance

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