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Tip 6: How to modernize your 80's Shoulder padded jacket


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TIP 5: How to get that 70's make-up look 

                   Makeup artist shows RESEE 3 easy steps to turn a 1970's editorial reference into a modern day look.  


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TIP 4: Style your Staple in 5 Different Ways 

Paris-based Designer Esteban Cortazar takes a timeless classic and shows us five effortlessly Modern ways to wear it.   


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TIP 3: Extending the Waistband of your Skirt

Sometimes that perfect vintage skirt is perfect...except for the size. Here are some easy tips to extend the waistband on your skirt and fit it to your size.  

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TIP 2: Modernizing the Cape

We love vintage loden capes but most from the 70's don't have arm slits, which can feel a bit restricting. Here are some easy tips to create arm slits for a more modern and practical look  

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TIP 1: Quick fixes to repair that vintage handbag 

The perfect accessory that can last generations, but sometimes a treasured handbag can use a little pick me up. Here are five quick fixes to breathe new life into your beloved bag: 

1. Use shoe polish to cover up chipped corners or edges 

2. Take a white Eraser to remove/ reduce pen marks

3. Use a scarf or belt as new or missing shoulder strap 

4. Clean hardware with newspaper to give shine

5. Use all purpose cleaner or dish washing soap to remove stains on interior lining


And always remember the best way to care for your handbag daily is to store it properly and lightly stuff it to help keep it’s natural shape. 

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