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Re-SEE Luxury Bag Authentication.


At Re-SEE, our bags are as carefully curated as our clothing selection. Each bag is personally selected by our Editorial Team and carefully authenticated by our Luxury Bag Expert.
When you buy a luxury bag on Re-SEE, not only are you buying the from the most curated selection on the market, you are also certain to buy an authentic bag that will gain in value over time.

Meet the Expert

Laurie Mestchersky

No one knows luxury handbags like Laurie Mestchersky. Having received her degree from Paris’ prestigious Paris Ecole de Louvre, Laurie became impassioned by leather goods while working under the esteemed Parisian saddler, Elisabeth Garcin Joubert. It was here that Laurie mastered the unique savoir faire of leather mounting, finishing and hand-stitch detailing that helped her to become a leading specialist in Hermès handbags.
Passionate about quality and craftsmanship, Laurie carefully analyses the condition and authenticity of Re-SEE’s luxury handbags. 


The Specialist’s Eye

Favorite Bag sold on Re-SEE

Hermes Birkin Grizzly

Best Vintage Bags to Buy Now

Dior Canvas Monogram Bags, more relevant than ever with Kim Jones re-edition of the iconic monogram.

Gucci Vintage Bamboo Bags, Alessandro Michele’s ‘70s inspired collections heavily reference this timeless yet eye-catching piece

Louis Vuitton Special Editions, whether their 1996 Centenaire pieces by Alaia or Helmut Lang to their recent Supreme bags, their partnerships are always avant garde and collector.

Currently on the hunt for

Hermès Suede Alcazar Bag with gold chain

Vintage Trend to look out for

Luminosity. Hermès rare vintage leathers in emerald green and denim are on the top of any collector’s list for the year to come

Value Your Bag.

Your Vintage Bag is an investment. To help maintain it’s value, follow Laurie’s key storage and cleaning tips:


Keep Everything
Even if you don’t use them, it’s important to keep all documentation and bag accessories. Having the proof of purchase, certificate and all accessories (straps, keys, locks, etc) intact will help maintain the re-sale value of your bag. 

Store it with Care
Bags can be ruined due to poor storage, so never underestimate the importance of a well-stored bag! 
After each use, make sure to empty all contents and stuff your bag with tissue paper. Just be careful not to use too much to not deform your bag.
Place your bag in a dust bag.
Wrap exposed hardware with tissue paper to keep it from making imprints on your bag.
Store your bags lined-up or flat on a shelf and always protected from light, which can damage leather or fabric. Wherever you store your bags, make sure they’re not squished and refrain from hanging them as this can distort the handles. 

Clean it, Often
A light upkeep from time-to-time is quick, and mandatory. For the interior, regularly remove any dust that can gather from storage. For the exterior, clean your bag with a soft cloth. For all classic leathers, you can add a special leather conditioner. For exotic leathers, only use a dry cloth with no product. For suede, you can use a brush or soft cloth depending on the leather. In case of stain or more serious issues, take it to a professional. You can also try yourself with a leather special product but first make a test on a hidden part of the leather of your bag.

Take care of it
If you’re a bag lover, you can use a polaroid of your bag so you can find it faster. 
Try to protect it from rain, humidity or heat: wipe it with a soft cloth in case of rain
Wear it with love, we know we are all multitask women, but your Kelly was not originaly made to carry a laptop :)



Sell with Us.

Re-SEE curates the chicest and most beautiful bags for sale. We focus on special vintage bags from Hermès and Chanel to more contemporary collector Runway pieces. All of our bags are carefully selected and authenticated to get you the best value for your piece. We buy bags upfront for cash or on consignment for up to 80% commission.

Thinking of selling your bags?

Book an appointment in our Paris showroom with our Luxury Bag Expert to have your piece appraised.

It’s Chic. It’s Discreet. It’s Reliable

Recently sold bags:

Hermès Mini Crocodile Kelly, 20cm
Hermès Mini Crocodile Kelly, 20cm 12,500 Euros
Chanel S/S 1993 Jumbo Bag

Chanel S/S 1993 Jumbo Bag 2,600 Euros

Chanel Lizard Tassel Bag

Hermès “Grizzly” Suede Birkin, 40cm - 14,000 Euros

Louis Vuitton Rare Stephen Sprouse Graffiti Hat Box

Louis Vuitton Stephen Sprouse Hat Box - 6,800 Euros

Hermès S/S 2013 Haut à Carroies

Hermès S/S 2013 Haut à Carroies - 11,800 Euros

Hermès Rare ‘70s Saddle Bag

Hermès Rare ‘70s Saddle Bag - 1,250 Euros

Hermès ‘70s Balle de Golf

Hermès ‘70s Balle de Golf - 1,200 Euros

Chanel S/S 2013 Lego Clutch

Chanel S/S 2013 Lego Clutch - 4,200 Euros

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