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ReSee MEN x Gauthier Borsarello

For the launch of ReSee Men’s we called upon vintage guru and Fashion Director/Co-Founder of influential Men’s Fashion magazine, L’Etiquette, Gauthier Borsarello, to curate a precise selection of vintage menswear pieces.

A purveyor of men’s fashion and style, Borsarello has spent years amassing an extensive collection of vintage, focused on rare French and American workwear, curated for their discerning details, patina and craftsmanship. The collection, coming from Borsarello’s personal archive, features a selection of incredibly rare unsigned fashion pieces that find their beauty in their unique story and the way they have aged through time.


Q&A with Gauthier


How did you get into vintage?

My passion for vintage started really young. I had no money, so I would go to the north of Paris with my father, Les Puces de Vanves, Les Puces de Saint-Ouen, to buy some good military pieces that would last me all winter.

What do you look for when buying vintage?

When I am buying vintage I am really looking at the fabric, the way something is made and where it’s from. A piece has to speak to me esthetically, whether it is ‘90s New York or ’60s Paris; it has to be very strong and at the same time it has to be wearable today in a modern way; that is my passion, to take something from the past and to look cool today. 


What do you think is most important for a man to look good?

To me the best way to dress as a man is to have style - and I think style comes when you forget your clothes. If you pick good quality pieces, and you wear them long enough to forget about them, your personality and your personal  style starts showing. Style comes with patina and with confidence; the way you wear your pieces.


How did this reflect on your curation for ReSee?

We curated a lot of different pieces - workwear, sportswear - but everything is made for a certain function, and therefor built to last: the designs are super timeless. It was important to us that they are easy to wear and mix with contemporary clothing and accessories. It really is the core of your wardrobe.


What are your favorite pieces from the collaboration?

It’s hard to pick a favorite! All the pieces come from my personal archive, and I really chose each of them for a specific reason. I do like pieces with a strong character, particularly the P43 US-army field jacket covered in paint. I love original paint splatters on clothing, I find it very poetic. Worn with a dark pair of jeans, simple white tee and loafers it will look incredibly cool. There is also this G1 Flight-Jacket, with all its original patches - and there good patches.


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At ReSee, every one of our vintage pieces comes with a story. This is, in large part, thanks to our unmatched community of consignors.

Though parting with such sartorial treasures may not be easy, the exceptional personal care we put into ensuring that they will go on to live a second (or, sometimes even, a third, fourth, or fifth) life offers a thrill — one rivaled only by that of the besotted shopper who adds them to her wardrobe.

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