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The Seller Series: Marie-Lou Bartoli

Whether Marie-Lou Bartoli is dressing clients in Givenchy and Saint Laurent for the red carpet or going about her own day-to-day in a T-shirt and vintage Levi jeans, the Los Angeles-born-and-bred stylist always adheres to one sartorial principle: Less is more. As she puts it, “I tend to gravitate towards more timeless pieces that still feel casual and effortless.” Here, Bartoli discusses consigning vintage Alaia, Chanel, and Emanuel Ungaro—and the pieces she’ll never give up.

Why do you consign?

“As a stylist, I’m constantly shopping, so consigning not only allows me to make room in my wardrobe for new pieces, but I also know that consigning with RESEE will help someone discover and appreciate these special pieces as much as I did.”

When did you first start consigning?

“A few years ago, I went through my vintage archive racks at my office and decided to sell a few Ungaro and YSL pieces that felt a little too 80s and I had not worn in a while. Now, I go through my closet and do a cleanout seasonally. I’ve consigned a variety of pieces, from vintage Chanel and Alaia to non-designer vintage finds I’ve collected along the way.”

How do you separate from these amazing pieces?

“I don’t necessarily have a strict one-thing-in-one-thing-out rule or system, but I do try to be mindful of what’s already in my wardrobe and what I really need or want before making any new purchases. I also try to focus on versatile pieces that I can wear in multiple ways and that will last me a long time, rather than trendy items that might only be worn a few times. I won’t consign a piece unless I’m really sure I am ready to move on from it.”

Are there any pieces you’ll never part with?

“There are definitely some pieces that hold a special place in my heart and that I can't imagine ever letting go of. I don’t think I would ever part with the more timeless pieces I own, like an Hermès bag or my vintage Tom Ford for Gucci gowns.”

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Though parting with such sartorial treasures may not be easy, the exceptional personal care we put into ensuring that they will go on to live a second (or, sometimes even, a third, fourth, or fifth) life offers a thrill — one rivaled only by that of the besotted shopper who adds them to her wardrobe.

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