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Memories of Hermès Bags


Geneviève Fontan

Geneviève Fontan is a historian and member of the prestigious Syndicat Français des Experts Professionnels en Œuvres d’Arts et Objets de Collection (SFEP). A passionate connossieur of art and antiquities, Genevieve Fontan has published a number of acclaimed works on the history of fashion, perfumes, and Hermès. She is the author of the “Carrés d’Art” a dictionary of Hermès Scarves, “Guide et Codes des Sacs Hermès” (Directory & Rating of Hermès Scarves) and “Memoire des Sacs Hermès I : Kelly, Haut à Carroies & Birkin” (Memory of Hermès Bags I: Kelly, HAC and Birkin).

“Mémoire des Sacs II : Sacs 2 Poignes”, Memory of Hermès Bags II : 2-Handle Bags” is the sequel and explores over three hundred rare Hermès models since 1923. In anticipation for the book’s release, Geneviève Fontan sits with Re-SEE and shares the three rarest Hermès bags that any bonefide collector should look out for.




Geneviève Fontan's Top 3 Hermès Collector Bags

Hermès « Sac Calèche fermoir arc de cercle » 1927

 « Sac Calèche fermoir arc de cercle »

 1. The Sac Calèche fermoir arc de cercle, 1927

The Sac Calèche with the ‘arc de cercle’ closing, is one of the rarest Hermès bags. It dates from 1927 and if you are lucky enough to find one in good condition, buy it. This Sac Calèche is an understated, unisex piece made from noble materials : long grain calf leather with a nickled brass finishing - the epitome of luxury. I encourage any die-hard collectors of Hermès bags to focus on rare past models like this Sac Calèche.

HERMÈS '60s Rare

 «'60s Rare '504' Pullman Handbag»

 2. The Pullman

Introduced in 1934, the Hermès Pullman bag is a steamline shoulder bag with two top handles and brass hardware. The most common model of the Pullman bag, is the model created in 1936, which features two rounded leather top handles. You can find this model in a range of leathers and precious skins, which Hermès released through the 1960s, before the bag was discontinued. The rarest version of the Pullman bag, however, remains the original version that was released in 1934. Its main distinctive feature are two angular cuts on the top handles. If you happen to come across one, get it, it is a rare piece and collector piece.

Hermès Corona ‘368’ bag , 1937

 « Corona ‘368’, 1937»

 3. The Corona Bag

Created in 1938, the Corona bag is one of my most treasured Hermès bags. It features a true Art Déco design, with the flap and the handles aligning to create a beautifully artistic and cinematic form. It’s a beautiful evening bag worth acquiring it at any price.


Memory of Hermès Bags II : 2-Handle Bags

By Genevieve Fontan 148 Pages, Bilingual French / English language Release Date: November 20th , 2019 Pre-Order on Re-SEE.


Memory of Hermès Bags II : 2-Handle Bags By Genevieve Fontan

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