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The Stylist’s Tip: How to Clean Your Closet


Re-SEE Co-Founder and stylist Sabrina knows that putting together a great look starts with organization. She shares her top tips cleaning and organizing your closet, helping you make more room for the special pieces you should be wearing.

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Organizing your Closet

''A clean closet helps you look at pieces in a more creative way. A good solid clean-out is necessary twice a year when season’s change. Afterwards, it’s easy to keep up.''

Hanging Items
Start by categorizing your clothing by items, i.e. Blazers, Shirts, Dresses, Skirts, Trousers. Then work your way into sub-categories like colors and length. One sub-category I find really important is material (i.e. cotton shirts or silk blouses). Textures are really important when choosing your look and seeing pieces by material helps you visualise your look better. For my hanging pieces I always use non-slip rubber or velvet hangers. I use the ones from Absolument Maison which also have the rubber covering on the clips, which protect my skirts and trousers. Number one rule though is always remove clothing from dry cleaner plastics and wire hangers. Fibers disintegrate being trapped in the plastic and the wire hangers are detrimental to a pieces form! Don’t throw these out though, bring them back to your dry cleaner during your next visit so they can reuse them.

Folded Items
Drawers for undergarments, socks, t-shirts, delicate tops that may stretch on hanger, workout wear, sleep wear and Cupboards for Knitwear, denim and handbags All non-seasonal items should always be folded and stored. For example, bathing suit, stockings, winter gear, stored and labeled in cloth or transparent boxes stacked in cupboards. For knitwear, zip lock and label to store during the warmer months.

Items to Sell
Loved it and ready to move on? Bought it and never worn it? Whatever the reason, selling your items is a great way to encourage circularity in fashion, make space in your closet, and make some money! Your special pieces deserve to have their story told and be reconceptualized in a modern way.

Should it Stay or Should it go?

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Should it Stay or Should it go

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